Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Exit Ten

Here are a couple of photographs I took earlier this month at a gig at Joseph's Well in Leeds. It's the first gig I've managed to go to with my new camera... :)

I adore this band, and as much as I hate to say it (due to the enevitable inafordability of gig tickets and other disadvantages to the success story) they definitely deserve to be absolutely huge. The band are Exit Ten, a five piece from Reading, UK. With vocal sounds similar to hard rock bands Incubus and Alter Bridge, and guitar technicality similar to that of metalcore bands Killswitch and God Forbid, they're set to impress fans of multiple genres. Their anthemic choruses made for an epic night, with the entire audience of the tiny venue singing along with tracks such as 'Technically Alive' and 'Warriors'. For fans of rock and metal alike, Exit Ten are definitely worth a serious listen and bop about to. Fantastic stuff.