Sunday, 3 October 2010

Zola Jesus - the Night

Zola Jesus release their first single in the UK, 'Night', with German label Soundterrain Transmissions. The atmospheric introduction soon builds to reveal an ambient, synth-pop track, with haunting female vocal parts providing the melodic and lyrical interest.

The vocals provide the only prominent melody throughout the track's duration; the only accompaniment coming from a simple drum loop, keyboard and other computer generated effects including that of a ghostly echo throughout the introductory passage. With very little musical development throughout the song becomes a little less interesting towards its ending, yet the vocal part does indeed ensure that the song has a prominent success; the haunted style is utterly engaging, the tones comparable to those featured in the work of Florence and the Machine, as well as displaying musical style that is perhaps comparable to ambient electronic pieces by artists such as Bjork, alongside prominent trip-hop influence being drawn from Portishead for example.

Although an aesthetically pleasing song, it lacks any sort of progressive or climatic development, ultimately ensuring most listeners will lose interest after a minute or two. There is definite potential present in the track that may suggest more exciting developments could emerge in the form of an album. Fingers crossed.

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