Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Buena Vista Social Club

The compilation of a South American and Latin playlist at work has resulted in a rekindled love for Buena Vista Social Club. Having visited Cuba in 2008, in part due to the promise of tantalising music and mojitos, I was blown away by the live music scene. Everywhere you look, turn, stumble; there is a fantastic band blasting out their clave rhythms and making you want to wiggle your rear.

We were fortunate enough on our visit to attend a 'Buena Vista' evening; a live performance from a band comprised in part of the original band's ancestry. It was a phenomenal event; the music just blew me away. Club Tropicana was also visited, exposing us to many other musical and cultural delights; fruit head dresses are a must for any tourist.

This is the Club's (probably) most famous track, 'Chan Chan'. Countless live (embed disabled) versions of the infamous song are available on YouTube, but here is the recorded version of this Cuban great.

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