Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Five Things...

Life has all been a little bit hectic recently! My boyfriend and I just moved house, and we are finally feeling quite settled in our beautiful new place. It's wonderful, we love it.

Just to update this after all this time, I thought I'd do a quick post with five things that are exciting me lately. I've seen these posts on a lot of blogs I enjoy reading so thought I'd give it a go myself!

1) First and foremost; I LOVE THESE SHOES. They are saddle shoes by Bass. I've just ordered them from the US and boy are they taking their time in getting over to me. I'm excited to become far too attached to inanimate objects...

2) Ernest Hemmingway's 'The Sun Also Rises'. I've been drifting in and out of this book for a little while now, and I'm excited that I'm finally really getting into the beautiful story set in 1920's Paris and Spain. It's a beautiful read, a perfect example of Hemmingways' reinvention of the use of English prose.

3) How adorable is this Gaslight Anthem poster? I'm obsessed with all things vintage so this was an instant hit. Reason I'm posting this: their new album. It's all kinds of brilliant. I'm such a big fan of theirs- I have a Gaslight tattoo!

4) Eat Natural bars. I'm gluten and dairy intolerant as well as being a vegetarian, so these are just the most perfect snack and quite frankly little lifesavers in what could easily become a very boring diet. Eat Natural, I salute you!
5) I adore collars. This one from River Island is just the cutest! I've just been on an eBay spree and purchased loads of vintage fabrics as well as some interfacing so as to try and use some collar patterns I've found to make my own, as well as some nice gifts for friends' upcoming birthdays. If they succeed, I'll be sure to post the results on here!

All of these images are URL links from my Pinterest account. Have a little root around my pins to see what else has been inspiring me lately? What things are you loving at the moment?

Jennie x

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  1. This is sweet. I love collars too! That one is particularly lovely.