Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Grandad's Treasures

We recently went over to my Grandfather's house to help him host a party for all of his adorable old friends. It was a beautiful evening; seeing my family is always such a treat. 


He had the most beautiful selection of wines. I took full advantage of this, of course...


This is Joe, enjoying a cheeky tipple.


I was quite the hostess! (I had a few compliments on one of my favourite dresses that I am seen wearing here, it's from Joy - undoubtedly my favourite store in Leeds).


A friend of my Grandad's brought him over the most beautiful flower arrangement, it was so big and colourful!


I always love exploring his house. He has the most beautiful 'vintage' china (oh the willow pattern) and beautiful trinkets everywhere. I always go into major homemaking mode and get inspired by everything around his home. They have so much they've collected from India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Africa - it's fascinating!


Beautiful china everywhere!


Of course, Joe and I have just moved house too, to the most perfect little town house. It's four stories each floor with its own room. We love it! I've been very slack with my camera lately so only have the following few shots so far... 


I get so excited about ridiculous things like Ikea spice jars. You can see all of the chili goodness!


This is our living room, although a sizeable portion of it is out of view. That's the thing with our house, there's so many nooks and crannies that it's nearly impossible to capture it all in one image. I'm struggling to show friends and family what it's like because there are so many corners and twists and bends. I endeavour to do better and get some more detailed shots in the near future!


This is a tiny little peek at what I've taken photos of lately- I rarely take my camera out and about with me but I have made a resolution to myself to take it with me more places and take more pictures of my everyday. I rely far too heavily on my iPhone!

I'd love for you to leave a link to some of your photographs? I always love admiring others' photography.

Jennie x


  1. lovely post! i have those ikea spice containers! they're so cute! xx
    please follow! . . .

  2. that party looks so classy! i want to go! and your living room is so cute :D