Sunday, 29 July 2012

Weekend in rainy Manchester

We had a wonderful trip to Manchester this weekend to see Eddie Vedder at the Apollo. Having seen Pearl Jam a few times, we were so excited to see him solo and wow it was breathtakingly amazing. Naturally, they thieved my camera from me on our way in to the venue so I have no photos of him despite us being so close to the stage. It was just Eddie and a guitar throughout, aside from the few beautiful duets he did with Glen Hansard [the oscar winning musician who starred in 'Once']. Just incredible. I'm definitely not ashamed to admit that I repeatedly cried! I love Mr Vedder an extraordinary amount, it's quite ridiculous really.


These are a few snapshots of our weekend:

Delicious gluten free cake from Starbucks. I used to love going to cutesy little cake shops to have a treat but now that I have been diagnosed a coeliac, I find it hard to go to the small shops as they often just have nothing I can have. Saturday was most definitely a cake day, so Starbucks it was!

We always get the same coffee frappucino, with soya milk and peppermint syrup. I'm still very excited about this blouse too - it was £2 from a charity shop in Headingley, Leeds. I can't stop wearing it!

The side of Affleck's - a pretty impressive building filled with boutiques, but rather intimidatingly full of 15 year old emos so I didn't whip the camera out inside through lack of space!

Manchester has a Lomography shop! It was lovely gazing at all of the limited edition cameras. This beautiful Diana was my favourite!

I'm obsessed with owls! They are so popular at the moment, we even found these little lip balms. Cute, eh? Definitely wish I'd bought one now!

Teacup on Thomas Street was a hit for the both of us - we sat in here for AGES in the rain and sampled loads of different teas. They have an entire menu dedicated to tea. My idea of heaven!



Another, highly windswept FACE. This time from Sunday in Leeds. What on earth are my hands doing? That's the question. Thought I'd get this one in as all of the other photos of today involve me looking highly ungraceful or Joe looking highly confused. At least in this one I have dancing hair!

How was your weekend? Anyone go to any gigs too?

Jennie x


  1. Looks like you had a good weekend. Cute owls.


    Dark Blue Stripes

  2. Oh wow! I had no idea Starbucks had gluten-free yums! We must not have it in the US yet.

    PS: Love your blog :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, I only just discovered them too - delicious stuff! x

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  4. nice shots and those brownies look good!
    thanks for the love honey, where should I follow you?

    1. They were so yummy!

      I've made a bloglovin now, so over on that if you'd like- the link is on here now. Thank you! Or there is a subscribe button on the right sidebar for Google Reader etc. x

  5. New follower! Love your page. Especially envious of those sweet owl trinkets you saw. I have a sick obsession with owls. Pop on over to my page if you'd like, it'd be great to chat!

    Kate xox

  6. Aw, you look so pretty! Those owls are cute- saw some around but mucho expensive compared to the same ones I got in the states for much less. I live right outside Manchester and never explored those shops- definitely feel I should take a look! x

    Rose Eva

  7. you are SO adorable, absolutely love your hair. This has be craving starbucks now! And that little vintage blouse is too cute, what a great find! Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah