Monday, 6 August 2012

Gluten Free Vegan Treats

I have made the personal choice to be a vegetarian, I avoid dairy in large part due to skin allergies as well as being allergic to gluten. I am a wheat free vegan in large part (with the odd 'oh sod it' bit of chocolate). This can be a massive challenge, especially when dining out, but there really are so many fantastic alternatives out there that I never find I get bored with the foods I am allowed to consume. Thank goodness I'm not allergic to spices, herbs or my beloved chillies!

Below is a small selection of some beautiful food I've been inspired to recreate lately, all sourced from Pinterest. 

First and foremost, peanut butter is the best invention EVER (closely followed by sweetcorn, of course). This simple idea to slice apple and chuck in some peanut butter, chocolate chips (I'll add some vegan ones) and granola (which gluten free me will not include) looks so delicious! Peanut butter and banana smoothies are another tasty treat that I have when I feel like being unhealthy and spoiling myself! Delicious with some alpro milk and yoghurt or with some Swedish Glace vegan ice cream. Divine.

This sweet potato houmous looks wonderful - such a sucker for houmous and crunchy vegetables for dipping, or spreading it on top of some vastly overpriced gluten free bread or crackers for lunch. The recipe can be found over at blissful blog [where this image is also sourced from].

This recipe is made using chicken, but the really wonderful thing about Tofu is the fact that it is so easy to use in recipes as a replacement for meat. It absorbs the flavour of all the spices wonderfully and is ever so good for you!

This delicious food is that of a Thai Massaman curry (once again a nutty concoction), and I can't wait to try this one at home. Thai is a staple food for me to eat out with, as rice is obviously gluten free and they have countless vegetarian options with beautifully spiced sauces and seasonings. Can't get enough! The recipe for the meal pictured above comes from here


An ever insipring source for me is Wheat Free Meat Free, a blog containing vegetarian gluten free recipes. I often have to adapt them to be largely vegan too, which is very easily done these days what with Alpro being so good! Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's book 'Veg Every Day' is another wonderful source for all your foody needs, with the recipes easily adapted to be gluten free and vegan.

Have you found any inspiring recipes lately? I find Pinterest a never ending source for drool inducing images of the most beautiful food. Who knew there were so many options for us 'wheat free meat free' types?!

Jennie x