Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Mid-week Music

For this week's music, I thought I'd just chuck a few of my recent favourites into a Spotify playlist. I'm so fortunate that my job is actually audio production for in-store radio - I get to listen to all sorts of music and have stumbled upon so much wonderful stuff. Hooray!

This has the usual culprits *cough* Gaslight Anthem *cough*, but also some things that are a little older, or some things I've just come across in my compiling adventures! This doesn't contain anything too extreme (I am a massive death metal fan, for example) just some pleasantries for a Wednesday (with a cheeky bit of hip hop, to spruce things up a bit).

Thought I'd include the one terrible shot I got of Eddie Vedder at the gig on Saturday at the Apollo in Manchester. It was the most beautifully intimate gig, the best I've been to in a long time (and boy am I a gig nerd). If you're not familiar with his solo stuff, or with Pearl Jam, I cannot recommend them enough. Pearl Jam are undoubtedly in my top five all time favourite bands. I just have so much love for them, and a lot of the Seattle music scene actually!

I hope you enjoy this playlist!

What are your favourite tracks and musicians at the moment? I'd love to know!

Jennie x


  1. Love the choices! Gaslight Anthem and The Shins are two of my favorites. xo

  2. can't beat the seattle music scene. and great playlist, girl!
    xo TJ