Monday, 25 February 2013

Pottering Around

A few weekends ago we had a bit of a quiet one, just staying around Leeds and spending very little money. These are a few photos I took from then, of nothing particularly out of the ordinary.

You'd think I liked rings or something?

Joe got me a 3D cat card for Valentine's day. Mr Cat has a small card in his mouth which you can slip out; oh the joy! (I may well have stared at him in gleeful awe for around half an hour). Oh cats <3 p="">

The newly discovered (and now well loved) Outlaw's Yacht Club near the centre of Leeds.

Joe loves it when they put his beer in the right glass.

Red lighting always makes for funny shots. This is one Joe took of me.

The lovely bar.

I'm a little too fond of these shoes.

Quite often, Joe and I will have weekends like this just seeing friends and having some drinks and just generally pottering around all our favourite spots in our beloved city of Leeds.

Jennie x

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