Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Beginning

Lately I've been sincerely hoping that this becomes something that could become something that could be great. You see?

And by 'it' I mean the development of an idea I hope to materialise into me being more directly involved in many aspects of the media. Particularly photography and journalism (both preferably of a musical variety).

I am currently studying a degree in popular and world music at the University of Leeds, and am still relatively undecided as to what career path I wish to follow, but have always quite fancied the idea of becoming a critic, or a reviewer. Pretty much all my time is consumed with listening to records, going to gigs, then listening to a few more records. Hence, I think the idea is one that could turn into something perfect.

Wow, breaking news: At the end of typing that last sentence my phone wrang- it was a manager of tilllate informing me of my successful application to become a photographer for the company, which I must say is some rather marvellous news; hoorays all round! Photography is a huge passion of mine, and through working for such a company I hope to develop skills and contacts in the field of event photography and attempt to persue this in the future. Music related photography would be simply perfect for me, particularly if I could persue this alongside journalism. I would be able to take all the pretty pictures to compliment my musical ramblings and reviews. Definitely sounds like a tasty little plan. 

Yes, back to the point; I wish to use this blog to post reviews of gigs and albums, and for posting my articles on other musical areas. That's what's going to happen here.

T'ra for now! 

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