Thursday, 17 December 2009

Lisa Mitchell

The new album, Wonder, from the ever-growing star that is Lisa Mitchell is (without meaning to be blunt) fantastic to say the least. The former contestant in television show Australian Idol has refined her style from the start of her career, and has produced a unique, jolly and just down-right good record in this new album.

Her folk inspired vocals and acoustic guitar playing define the sound; the sense of purity in her songs is truly enchanting. Songs such as 'Neopolitan Dreams' (recently featured on t.v. ad for Surf washing powder) and 'Stevie' are feel good to the max, with anthemic choruses and a jollity that is utterly contagious. The honesty of the lyrics makes any listener (in my experience- I've been parading her work all over the shop) instantly warm to her charms. Boldness of musical character is shown through her singing of a 'beatbox' inspired phrase at the start of 'Coin Laundry'. This is a record that instantly transports the listeners mind to a happy place, filled with sunflowers and summer time.

At the Brudnell Social Club in Leeds, Lisa Mitchell paid a stop in her tour of the country. The Clifford Village Band (in which I am the saxophonist) opened up the bill, after which she followed with an enchanting set. All gig goers swayed along, many sitting cross-legged on the floor gazing up at the stage in an enchanted wonder at her mesmerising dance moves and beautiful music making. The aestheticly pleasing element of the gig was enhanced by the Australian surfers that made up the majority of her tight accompanying band. A bit of eye candy is always a bonus.

With a sound similar to that of Feist and Regina Spektor, she is a sure fire hit for any pop folk fan. Her natural charm and charisma comes accross beautifully through her laid back tunes. And Wonder, although not a masterpiece, is a truly enjoyable listen from start to finish.

Definitely earns a hearty 4/5 from me.

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