Monday, 8 March 2010

Lisa Mitchell @ Cockpit, Leeds.

This is the second time I have seen Lisa Mitchell perform her lovely songs in Leeds, this time at the Cockpit. I must regretfully add however, that for me, this performance was overshadowed by that of her last gig. The songs were sung with beautiful charm as ever, but the lack of active engagement from the audience greatly affected the atmosphere of the night. Her voice was flawless, her guitar parts delightful and her band were incredibly tight, but an element of the passion I once witnessed was no longer apparent.

Her cover of the Dire Straits' classic Romeo and Juliet was show-stoppingly beautiful (I shed a tear!) and stand out numbers of her own shone out her musical brilliance through the set (Valium and Pirouette in particular). The gig in November of 2009 at the Brudenell Social Club was so incredibly intimate, with spectators sitting cross-legged on the floor surrounding the stage, that the motionless spectators at the Cockpit seemed to diminish a level of enjoyment for me.

Lisa Mitchell is a truly gifted nineteen year old. Wonder is an album I now listen to at least three times a week; the unique tones of her voice sending shivers down my spine every time. On her next tour I believe by any means possible everyone should definitely check her out, but buy the album first to ensure maximum engagement in the live experience (as the gig goers at this event clearly did not!).

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