Wednesday, 24 March 2010

'The Weary Kind'. Crazy Heart OST.

The entire soundtrack to Crazy Heart is a truly beautiful musical achievement. The film oozes soul and passion, expressed musically through Jeff Bridges' character, a role for which he won an Oscar.

The film is the tale of country bluesman 'Bad Blake', a fifty-something with a vast musical career behind him, yet a more bleak looking future. Weary Kind is a song written gradually
throughout the film's duration by Blake and encapsulates the essence and heart of the film. The film itself has many small plotholes and follows a similar storyline to greats such as The Wrestler, but Bridges himself is beautiful, and so is this Oscar-
winning song. The lyrics are truly from the heart and are desperately meaningful for the character; evoking an immense compassionate empathy in viewers of the film. Without songs such as this, the film's only true greatness would lie in Bridges' acting.

Soulful pieces such as this, expressed through the truly beautiful voice of Ryan Bingham, trigger something incredible in the heart of their listeners. 'Pick up your crazy heart, and give it one more try' is a lyrical line that beautifully summarises the song; a tale of love, life and loss. The track's pure simplicity and heartfelt delivery make for an emotional listen, time after time.

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