Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Sylosis @ Rio's, Leeds.

Sylosis, once again, are on absolutely top form. Their thundering riffs and powerful vocals enchant the audience right from the off. The completmentary 'scene kids' were of course present on this night at Rio's and certainly did cause a stir in the pit, but fads and subcultures aside, the band are truely one of the greatest new metal bands to emerge from the UK in a long time. I think their perfect combination of pure brutality mixed with memorable, headbangable, hooky treats are sure to impress many a fan of the genre.

The metalcore influence of bands such as As I Lay Dying is present throughout the set, but alongside this, a clear impact on the guitarists' style can be found from bands such as Job for a Cowboy as well as others from the more extreme end of the metal spectrum. There is a staggering technical ability displayed from all musicians, particularly the lead guitarist, who fires out sweep-pick-packed solos with incredible ease, note for note perfect from the tracks on record. He is a truly mesmerising musician; it is certainly hard to take your eyes away from the neck of his guitar as his fingers cruise around all the frets at an astounding rate.

Rio's was absolutely buzzing as the packed out floor moved and grooved to the thunderous band. I'd definitely say it's safe to conclude that a great night was had by all involved; the band and the fans alike. I wholeheartedly recommend Sylosis to any fan of any sub-genre of metal. Mind-blowing.