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Hospitality - O2 Academy Leeds, 6th May 2011

On Friday 6th May, we held the second Hospitality event at the Leeds 02 Academy, following the sell out show in February. The May event also marked the launch of London Elektricity‘s highly anticipated album “Yikes!” and so he performed a number of tracks from the album alongside MC Wrec and Elsa Esmeralda.
HospitalityDNB contributor Jennie Allen went down to review the night…
As is always the case when an epic line up is announced for Hospitality Leeds, anticipation was high. With sets from Andy C, London Elektricity, Joker, Netsky, Flux Pavillion and Brookes Brothers to name but a few, the night did not disappoint.

The beautiful gothic building which houses the O2 Academy Leeds provided a beautiful setting for the monstrous event. As we entered the high ceilinged main room, complete with embellished Victorian balconies, it was already heaving with hundreds of hyped and excited fans. The entire room was a giant pit of excited music lovers chanting along, all skanking their hearts out (in what can only be described as a very non-Victorian manner) to the likes of Flux Pavillion featuring Dynamite MC. Along with epic originals like ‘Bass Cannon’, their rendition of vintage favourites like the Pendulum classic ‘Fasten Your Seatbelts’ proved to be a real crowd pleasers. A particular highlight of the set ensued as Dyna provided seamless transition from the Flux set into the thunderous set by drum and bass legend Andy C, replete with checked shirt and cap uniform. B-Complex sampling the likes of the chart topping Nero’s ‘Me and You’ proved another highlight of the night. With exciting rhythms and funky beats galore, no acts disappointed. The crowd, a constant heaving tide of dancing, sweaty bodies all seemed to agree. No one stood still and no one could resist the swell of the music.

The second, smaller room was a little quiet at the start of the night due to the blistering talent wowing the audience of the main room. As the night continued, though, this soon became packed with anticipated energy as the crowds waited for Joker to erupt into the room with his unique, colourful, synth soaring explosions. Meanwhile, London Elektricity (in celebration of the release of his new album ‘Yikes!) effectively blew the ears off everyone at the event with the help of Elsa Esmeralda and MC Wrec. Esmeralda’s mesmerising vocals commanded the stage, culminating in the astronomic new single‘Meteorites’.

With promising new talent in the likes of the young signing Joe Syntax,Med Schoolcontinue to provide their fans with astounding new acts, all of whom deliver some of the most fantastic drum and bass sets out there to adoring Hospitality goers. The entire line up set out to blow the minds of their victims in the crowd and succeeded in providing an unforgettable night to all those who came. The night continued on, with set after set as consistently fantastic as the last until 6am came around: hundreds of satisfied people embarked on their journey home to the slightly more quaint sound of birds singing, all impressed with what they had witnessed from the stream of talented acts.

Hospitality continues to flourish as quite possibly the most legendary drum and bass night around; consistently awesome, astoundingly epic and quite frankly unmissable. Leeds salutes you.
Review by: Jennie Allen
Photos by: Andrew Attah

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