Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Earth Crisis - Neutralize The Threat

Hardcore at its best, Earth Crisis’ latest effort Neutralize The Threat is reminiscent of classic Throwdown, God Forbid and even Chimaira. Influences of metal greats apparent, Earth Crisis differ in their environmental undertones; the straight-edge five piece have lyrical themes relating to human, animal and planetary rights. Power inherent in so much metal music since its inception in the 1980s has rarely such purpose as it does with Earth Crisis. The brutal cries erupting from vocalist Karl Buechner’s lungs all serve a purpose, and that is to promote personal empowerment and to eradicate ignorance.

Tracks like ‘Total War’ and ‘By Conscience Compelled’ possess particularly anthemic punk-inspired riffs and a groove which seeks to define the true pioneers of hardcore metal from the mainstream. For fans of Pantera, perhaps As I Lay Dying and of course Hatebreed; Earth Crisis’ Neutralize The Threat is a fine metal album, with fine guitar melodies and powerful drum fills. Buechner’s voice provides the band with their defining characteristic as he preaches to the masses.

Tales of vigilantes are the theme of every track on the album, and such political fire is a rare find in music of today. Not afraid to shock and to empower, Earth Crisis dominate their field since their birth in 1992. ‘Black Talons Tear’ a fine example of the band’s powerful, sludge-ridden riffs. Neutralize The Threat perhaps not an album for individuals looking to explore Earth Crisis for the first time, the album is set to please the fans. Some metal fans may find the remarkably unaltering tempo of the album a little unimpressive, whilst the vocals and guitar melodies and harmonies retain an also similar thematic progression. In spite of the album’s lack of diversity, Earth Crisis continue to do what they do best and produce another work which is sure to induce severe mayhem in the pit.

Pre-existing fans of metal, this could well be your cup of tea; Earth Crisis are sure to successfully melt the face of their listeners and continue to enforce political activism alongside those who listen and care. If you are yet to explore the magical depths of the metal world this may not be an ideal place to start, but please do return to Earth Crisis once your ears have acclimatised to the wonderful tones of the many genres to be explored within metal.

I award the hearty hardcore pioneers a hearty 3.5 out of 5.

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