Friday, 16 November 2012

Diana Mini Paris

We recently got our Diana Mini film developed after our trip to Paris, and I really like how some of them have turned out. It would seem I am big on the floral/epic architecture double exposures.

The Notre Dame covered in pretty yellow flowers.

Two Eiffel Towers.

The lovely Cafe de Floré.

Overlapping shots of the Eiffel from the Arc de Triomphe with the legendary Shakespeare and Co. book shop.

Eiffel Tower in bloom.

Up the tower.

Looking through them all has made me want to go back so much. It's definitely my favourite city and ohhh what I would give to live there one day!

Jennie x


  1. How lovely and poetic!! Pictures from Paris are naturally pretty, but now I see they can become even better :)

    Is it difficult to do this?

    1. There are so many new ways you can take photos by using a Lomography camera! They're ever so reasonably priced on Amazon and once you have one it's great to just play with and so easy to use. It's also so exciting when you take the film to be developed as you never know what you could get! Lots of these are just multiple exposure shots, so I would take one of the Eiffel Tower for example, and then take one of some nearby flowers without winding on the film. Hope that's of some help?