Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Pinterest: Fuelling My Recent Obsessions

I'm a self-confessed Pinterest addict. I just love how inspiring it can be, and how beautiful some of the images circulating on the site really are. Here are a few photographs I've 'pinned' lately:

Oh kittens, you little bundles of joy, you. I cannot get enough of cats at the moment and thought I'd brighten your day with this little guy. I actually love him.

Big on the love list lately is Sofia Coppola. Her films get a lot of stick but I personally adore them, but maybe that's because they appeal to the photographer in me. If you pause Marie Antoinette at any point it would make a beautiful photograph you'd happily frame and pop onto your wall.

I love Linda McCartney's photography, and this shot is just so lovely.

My favourite style blogger is undoubtedly Natalie Suarez from Natalie Off Duty, for the reasons displayed above. Divine.

I'm a huge film fan, partially as a result of a long term relationship with an obsessive film graduate turned film critic (his reviews really are wonderful: Joe McDonagh Film). I'm also a big fan of early Tarantino (and oh BOY do I love his soundtracks). Django Unchained seriously did not disappoint. The soundtrack has been playing on repeat in our house ever since and it still gives me chills. This shot is from such an intense scene in the film; DiCaprio's performance is absolutely ace.

If you don't have a Pinterest account already and fancy spending some time doing some serious procrastination, then head on over and pin away. It really can be quite an inspiring place!

Jennie x


  1. really cool pictures, I love pinterest so much too, it really is an obsession:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  2. Pinterest is sucking me in too!

    xo Jennifer